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Don't just pass the tests,


​​​​"Assignments were always both fun and challenging, requiring a level of research, writing, and presentation that has come to shape much of my approach even today"
"...Teaching style was both student-centric and facilitator, spending a great deal of time working with students individually and in small groups to make sure that the material was understood." 
"...problem sets were never easy, but instructions were always consistent, specific, and useful enabling me to act and arrive at the answer on my own"
Edward Cedeno, MBA, Founder – Scarlet Software (NY/NJ)
Previously, Director Product Mgmt – GlobalFit (Philadelphia, PA)

"Mastery of material coupled with an approachable demeanor that was very helpful in making a large number of dense, complex concepts understandable in a relatively short time"
"...honestly, there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not interacting on some level with technology that I learned"
Paul Richter
Enterprise Architect – MetLife (Raleigh-Durham, NC)
Previously, Project Manager, Facilities & Capital Planning – Rutgers, the State University of NJ

"...taught in innovative ways that allowed me to understand the material much more comprehensively than my peers"
"...Approach went beyond just helping me get a high score; made sure I understood the material inside and out."
" the areas I needed the most help with, and honed in on that....challenge me with questions that made me combine knowledge from a variety of different topics... "

Aparna Sankar
Pre-Med student – University of Texas Austin (Class of 2016)

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